Micro-Incisional vs. Pinhole Dentistry: Are They Different?  

The major trend with surgery as of late is to minimize the impact of invasive procedures whenever and wherever possible. This isn’t just happening in the medical field — it’s happening in the dental field too. It’s good news for anyone who has to undergo complex procedures.

Smaller incisions don’t just mean a faster recovery time. They can also be safer for the patient overall. The types of procedures offered and their impact on patients can vary widely, depending on where you live and who you visit. If you’re looking for pinhole dentistry in Palmdale, Valencia, or West Valley, CA, we’ll look at the details.

Micro-Incisional Dento-Alveolar Surgical Techniques

Known as MIDAS at Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers, this technique translates to tiny incisions, less bone removal, and reduced cheek retraction. The dentist will use small instruments that were engineered to be easier on the patient’s mouth, resulting in a faster turnaround for patients. At Heritage, our job is to reduce the number of postoperative complications so you can be as comfortable as possible. MIDAS is similar to pinhole dentistry, as both rely on making tiny incisions into the mouth. It’s a more general term than MIDAS, though both are meant to accomplish the same goals.

Why Smaller Incisions Are Better

Smaller incisions don’t just mean a shorter recovery time. They mean that you’re working with a dentist and a dental staff that takes your experience into account. The medical industry can change in a heartbeat. New technology debuts on the market, studies are published regarding the latest techniques, and dentists learn new things about our existing medications and surgical tools. If you’re not working with a dentist that’s keeping up with what’s going on, you could be opening yourself up to trouble.

Find a Dentist in Palmdale, CA

If you’re looking for a dentist in Valencia, CA who can get the micro-incisional treatment you need, let us be the ones to guide you through the process. There are so many benefits of the pinhole approach, but the most important one is the overall impact on your body. If you’d like an easier time in the chair and a much easier time at home, contact us today.


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