Micro-Incisional Dento-Alveolar Surgery

At Oral Surgery and Implant Centers our surgeons are experts in the use of Micro-Incisional Dento-Alveolar Surgical techniques or ‘MIDAS’.  Using these skills they successfully decrease the total time for surgery and thereby significantly decrease and often eliminate post-operative pain and swelling.

MIDAS surgery, also referred to as minimally invasive dental alveolar surgery, employs smaller incisions, less bone removal and less retraction of the cheeks during tooth extraction. To accomplish this, specially designed, smaller instruments are utilized in every surgery. The ‘MIDAS touchresults in improved recovery and a more rapid return to normal activity.

Aside from the actual surgical procedures the MIDAS technique includes a variety of pre-surgical adjuncts and post-operative care regimens designed to improve patient comfort and restore health. At Oral Surgery and Implant Centers we believe this can best be achieved by reducing post-operative complications and decreasing recovering times while maximizing your comfort.

Our primary goal at Oral Surgery and Implant Centers is to provide you with an enhanced sense of well being while streamlining your care. Your time and comfort are very important to us.