How To Prepare For A Surgical Biopsy

It’s not always easy for patients to make certain kinds of appointments. Not only are they nervous about what a doctor will find, they may not want to confront the discomfort of the procedure itself. If you need a surgical biopsy in Palmdale, the West Valley, or Valencia, CA, Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers wants to take you through a few things to know about how to prepare.

Get Ready

Here are our tips for getting enough information:

  • Talk to your doctor: The staff will undoubtedly cover a lot of your questions before you get to them. This tip is more about engaging with what they have to say. Not only will it keep you from zoning out halfway through the explanations, but it will also give you more of a sense of control about what’s ahead.
  • Be thorough: Your medical history and health information is incredibly important. This is not the time to gloss over or omit details. The doctor can often only go on what you tell them. If you need to do your homework before coming in about the supplements you’re taking or medications you had adverse reactions to, it’s important to make the effort.
  • Stock up beforehand: From gauze to ice packs to soft foods, having all of the supplies at the ready can make a big difference to your recovery. It will both save you from scrambling at the last minute and potentially reduce your recovery time period.

Throughout your recovery, you’ll want to watch for any abnormal signs. The standard rule of thumb is that the pain and swelling should improve every day, but there’s more to it than that. For instance, you might have an earache, sore throat for a few days, and a slight fever. This is all normal but should dissipate after a few days.

Talk to an Oral Surgeon in Palmdale

The staff at Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers understands the importance of prep for our patients. This is not to make more work for them but to give them a better attitude going into the surgery. If you have questions about how oral surgeons in Canoga Park, CA operate, contact us today.

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