Common Myths Associated with Bone Grafting for Dental Procedures

Natural shrinkage of the bone structures in the haw can make some dental procedures difficult to carry out. However, bone grafting oral surgery in Valencia may be a viable option. While bone grafts are a common procedure for jaw bone restoration, there are quite a few myths associated with the treatment.

Myth: Bone grafts are only done with dental implants.

Bone grafts are commonly done before dental implants if the patient does not have sufficient bone for anchoring the implant. However, there are other reasons why bone grafts may be recommended. For example, a bone graft may be recommended if bone loss is causing natural teeth to sink lower or if bone damage due to trauma has changed the facial shape.

Myth: Bone grafts create a weakened point in your jaw.

Once the living bone tissue has been placed in your mouth, the bone fuses with the existing material. As long as proper healing occurs, the bone should actually be stronger. By contrast, areas of the jaw that have experienced bone loss can be weak and prone to further deterioration. Bone loss essentially means the bone is shrinking and becoming more porous. Therefore, areas of the jaw affected by bone loss can be more prone to fractures and damage.

Myth: Bone grafts are prone to infection.

It is definitely possible for the bone graft to become infected, but this is rarely an issue in healthy patients. When an infection occurs, this may be a sign that the body is rejecting the graft. Therefore, the procedure may have to be redone, or the implanted bone may need to be removed. However, most patients never have an issue with infection. Before the procedure, the dentist will thoroughly assess your medical condition to make sure you are a good candidate.

Talk to an Experienced Valencia Dentist About Bone Graft Oral Surgery

Whether you are considering implants or suspect you have issues with jawbone deterioration, talk to an experienced oral surgeon in Valencia. At Heritage Oral Surgery and Implant Centers, we have years of experience in most forms of oral surgery, including bone grafts. Reach out to the team to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.

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