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How to Prevent Facial Trauma

Facial injuries and facial trauma can result in the need for oral surgery. Both professional and weekend athletes need to be aware of the risks involved with certain activities and how to prevent facial trauma. If you do experience facial trauma in Canoga Park, CA, you can rely on the team at Heritage Oral Surgery to get you through it.

What is Facial Trauma?

Facial trauma is generally recognized as any sort of blunt force trauma that occurs in the facial region. Facial trauma can injure various parts of the face and neck, including:

  • Jaw
  • Teeth
  • Gum tissue
  • Nose
  • Sinus cavity
  • Eye socket
  • Cheekbone
  • Chin
  • Cranium

If you or a loved one experiences facial trauma in Canoga Park, CA, please contact Heritage Oral Surgery right away for treatment and help about what steps to take.

Common Causes of Facial Trauma

The most common causes of facial trauma involve physical activity like sports. Facial trauma is common with professional athletes, but it can also happen to weekend athletes, amateur athletes or just about anyone else. It can happen in the school yard, in the backyard, on the track, on sports fields, in swimming pools and on the road. Facial trauma is also commonly seen as a result of vehicular accidents. At Heritage Oral Surgery, facial trauma is treated as a serious condition, no matter how it occurred.

How to Prevent Facial Trauma

Many occurrences of facial trauma can be prevented or at least minimized with certain preventative measures. Here are some ways to consider for preventing facial trauma in your life:

  • Always wear a seat belt while traveling in any vehicle
  • Allow extra time to arrive at a destination so you don’t feel the urge to exceed posted speed limits
  • Always wear a helmet while on a motorcycle or bicycle
  • Wear safety goggles while doing woodworking
  • Wear appropriate helmet or headgear while participating in sports like white water rafting, ice hockey, etc.
  • Wear a mouthguard during sports activities
  • Wear helmets and mouth guards even during family “fun” sports
  • Take time to learn new sports slowly to avoid needless mistakes and injuries

Facial trauma can be frightening and painful. You’re in good hands with the experts at Heritage Oral Surgery in Canoga Park, CA. Contact us today to learn more.