Do Wisdom Teeth Extractions Change Your Facial Shape?

The wisdom teeth are the last molars to form in the jaw. Unfortunately, most people do not have enough room for these large teeth, so they have to seek wisdom teeth removal in Valencia, CA. Even though the procedure is routine and common, patients often have a few concerns about the procedure. Specifically, they want to know if removing wisdom teeth will cause a change in their facial shape. Below is a closer look at all you need to know.

So, Will Wisdom Tooth Surgery Affect Facial Shape?

In short, no, at least not for the long term. Even though removing large teeth can sometimes come along with slight changes to the shape of your face, the same does not usually apply to wisdom teeth. These molars grow in an area of the mouth referred to as the dental alveolus. This area is not directly attached to the basal jawbone. Therefore, when the teeth are removed, there is really no change to the shape of your jaws.

What to Expect Immediately After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Even though having your wisdom teeth removed should not cause long-term changes in your facial shape, you may see changes right after surgery. There are pockets of soft tissue, like muscle and fat, that surround the wisdom teeth. Therefore, when the teeth are removed, this can cause a bit of trauma to those tissues. This often leads to some swelling right after your surgery. Therefore, it is common for your face to be somewhat swollen right after having the teeth removed. However, as the days go by and your body heals, the swelling subsides and everything goes back to normal.

Removing Wisdom Teeth May Actually Protect Your Bite

One thing that is important to remember when having your wisdom teeth removed is doing so can actually protect the shape and appearance of your existing smile. If there is no room for these teeth, they push the rest of your teeth as they grow. This can lead to changes in your smile over time.

Talk to a Valencia Dentist About Your Wisdom Teeth

With the help of a skilled Valencia, CA dentist, you can rest assured your wisdom teeth removal procedure will go smoothly. Reach out to us at Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers to schedule your appointment today.

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