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What to Expect Before, During, and After Getting a Wisdom Tooth Removed

Are you having problems with your wisdom teeth? If you are experiencing mouth pain or any other dental issues, you might need a dentist in Canoga Park, CA to look at your teeth and give you a diagnosis. If the problems you are having are due to your wisdom teeth, your dentist might recommend removing them. So […]

What is the Process of Bone Grafting? 

Dental implants work and survive so well because they are securely secured in the jawbone for optimal support, much like natural teeth. However, in order to take advantage of this incredible technology, you must have enough tooth-supporting bone in your jaw to keep a dental implant in place. Unfortunately, the surrounding bone nearly invariably deteriorates […]

Should Elderly People Settle For Dentures Instead of Implants?

Most people experience the loss of natural teeth at some time or another. If you live long enough, chances are that you’ll have age-related tooth loss. Older folks who experience tooth loss have two available options, which are dental implants or dentures. The main difference between these two solutions is that dental implants in Valencia, CA are […]

Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge Surgery – Common FAQs

The modern patient who needs full smile restoration is likely to consider some type of dental implant. When considering dental implants in Palmdale, CA, you have several options to consider. An option that may come up is an implant-supported fixed bridge. During this restoration process, a few implants support the full arch of teeth instead of […]