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Debunking Myths About Wisdom Teeth and Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

The final molars to show up in the jawline, the wisdom teeth are named such because they usually show up later in life when childhood is over. While many people do have to get their wisdom teeth removed at some point in life, no other molars bring about as much confusion.

Myth: Everyone must have their wisdom teeth removed.

Not everyone will have to get their wisdom teeth removed. Some people don’t even grow these third molars at all, and some people have enough space for the teeth to grow without there ever being an issue.

Myth: You should not be removing any of your natural teeth, including wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth do not need to be removed unless they are posing issues. A lot of debate exists as to whether or not these molars should come out early in life before they pose issues. However, a good dentist can look at the molars before they even erupt and determine if they could impact the other teeth as they grow.

Myth: Wisdom teeth removal surgery requires weeks of recovery time.

Most people recover from wisdom teeth removal in about a week. You may have to take it easy for a few days, eat softer foods, and be careful when you chew. However, the mouth tends to heal relatively fast. You may have a bit of tenderness and some repeat visits to the surgeon for a checkup, but you can usually resume your normal activities soon after the surgery.

Myth: You will have ongoing pain after your wisdom teeth are removed.

You can have some pain and tenderness at the extraction site for several days after surgery. However, you should be fine with over-the-counter pain medications for the week following your surgery, and shouldn’t need much of anything by the two-week point.

Talk Over Your Concerns About Wisdom Teeth Removal with the Oral Surgeon

The more familiar you are with the facts about wisdom teeth, the more comfortable you will feel if you find out yours have to be removed. Reach out to us at Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Center in Palmdale, Valencia, and Canoga Park, CA to schedule an appointment.


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