5 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Pulled

Many people need to have their wisdom teeth out when they reach a certain age, often in the late teen years. It’s important to pull the wisdom teeth if they’re in danger of becoming impacted, infected or otherwise damaged.

If your wisdom teeth have recently emerged, it’s important to know if they need to be removed, when they can stay in, and what are the signs that removal should occur. Your dentist in Valencia, Palmdale and West Valley CA can help you decide if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Here’s what you need to know.

Who Needs Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled? Who Doesn’t?

Generally speaking, your wisdom teeth can stay in your mouth if they’re in the right position, are healthy, do not disrupt your bite, are fully erupted, and are able to be thoroughly cleaned through your normal oral hygiene routine. Your dentist may recommend pulling your wisdom teeth if:

  • Your wisdom teeth are only partially emerged
  • They are completely hidden beneath your gums
  • They’ve emerged but are crowding adjacent teeth

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Pulled

You may not be able to tell if your wisdom teeth have emerged or not, but you are very likely to notice the signs if your teeth need to be pulled. Below are some of the tell-tale indications that your wisdom teeth are making a problem:

  1. Inflamed gums around the wisdom teeth. You may notice that the gums in the back of the mouth look or feel inflamed.
  2. Pain in the back of the mouth. Biting down may cause pain in the back of the mouth, or you may feel it at times when you’re not chewing.
  3. Cysts form. Cysts are fluid filled sacks that could form around the wisdom tooth, creating pain.
  4. Gums bleed when you brush your teeth. You may notice that the gums in the back of your mouth bleed when you brush your teeth – this could be a sign of problems with your wisdom teeth, or a sign of gingivitis.
  5. Crooked, overcrowded teeth. Once your wisdom teeth start to come in, the teeth in your mouth may become overcrowded and crooked as a result.

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed in Valencia, Palmdale and West Valley, CA? Call Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers today to make an appointment.

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