4 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

Do you get regular headaches, experience difficulty eating, and often notice pain and irritation in the back of your mouth? If so, you may be experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth.

Knowing the types of issues that you’re likely to experience due to wisdom teeth can help you decide if your wisdom teeth are likely giving you trouble. If you are experiencing difficulty with your wisdom teeth, then it may be time to see your oral surgeon.

1. Pain

Pain and irritation is a problem that people experience when their wisdom teeth are protruding, however, pain alone is not an indication that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. If you experience pain relating to your wisdom teeth, talk to your oral surgeon.

2. Difficulty Eating

It’s common for people with protruding wisdom teeth to experience difficulty eating. Often, this happens because food becomes caught between the gums and the tops of the teeth. People may also experience difficulty eating if their wisdom teeth negatively affects the alignment of their teeth, causing them to become crooked.

3. Cyst

Sometimes, cysts can form around the wisdom teeth. Cysts can cause a variety of problems. Cysts can destroy the bones and nerves in the surrounding area. When this happens, the wisdom teeth will most likely need to be removed.

4. Teeth are Shifting

If your teeth are slowly becoming crooked, this could be because of the emergence of your wisdom teeth. Shifting teeth can cause a variety of problems. If your wisdom teeth are pushing some of your other teeth out of alignment, then they may need to be removed. Your oral surgeon can tell you whether this procedure could help you.

Ready to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Contact Your Oral Surgeon Today

You don’t have to live with the discomfort of having wisdom teeth. At Heritage Oral Surgery, we help patients suffering from problems with their wisdom teeth and other types of urgent dental problems. To find out more about how you can have your wisdom teeth safely removed, contact us for an initial appointment.

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