Should Elderly People Settle For Dentures Instead of Implants?

Most people experience the loss of natural teeth at some time or another. If you live long enough, chances are that you’ll have age-related tooth loss. Older folks who experience tooth loss have two available options, which are dental implants or dentures. The main difference between these two solutions is that dental implants in Valencia, CA are permanent, while dentures aren’t. However, there are other striking differences between these two options that should be considered when the patient is elderly.

Dental Implants Require Oral Surgery

Dental implants require oral surgery to be installed. An FDA-approved titanium implant is embedded above the gum line. A screw, or abutment, is attached to the implant, and a crown is attached to the abutment. The fact that dental implants require surgery should be the primary deciding factor in whether an older patient should choose dental implants or dentures.

In some cases, elderly patients aren’t in peak physical shape. They may have a heart condition or another condition that makes them more susceptible to problems if they undergo surgery. And remember, oral surgery is still surgery. There will be sedation or anesthesia, associated pain and discomfort and a recovery period. The process of getting dental implants isn’t just one appointment. It typically entails multiple visits to the oral surgeon’s office. In other words, although dental implants are a wonderful option, they may not be the easiest option for elderly folks.

Dentures Are Easier

The process of getting dentures isn’t seamless, but it is a lot easier. Once the natural tooth is extracted or falls out, the dentures are custom-fitted to the palate and gums. The prosthetic is then adjusted as needed so the patient feels comfortable wearing, speaking, eating and drinking with the dentures in. There will be multiple visits to ensure a good fit, and as time goes on, a new set of dentures may be needed. However, no surgery is involved and the patient’s overall health is not a huge concern with the fitting of dentures. Almost anyone in any health condition would be able to readily get dentures.

Your dental professional will be the best person to consult with about getting dentures or dental implants in Palmdale, CA or dentures. Contact us today to find out what your best option is as an older man or woman.

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