How Successful Are Dental Bone Grafts?

Dental bone grafts are recommended when people start to lose their jawbone structure. This typically happens either due to age or tooth loss (or a combination of both). Once teeth start to fall out, the roots are no longer there to stimulate bone growth, which will cause the bones to shrink. The more this occurs, the more affected the facial profile will be. Bone grafting has been shown to help people restore their oral health and facial structure. We’ll look at how successful they are if you’re interested in the procedure.

More Than 90% Success Rate
Dental bone grafts in Valencia, CA are typically very successful, though the rates vary across dentists and types of bone grafts used. For instance, an autogenous bone graft is more likely to succeed than an allogenic bone graft. This is because an autogenous bone graft uses the patient’s own bone rather than that of a cadaver. Allogenic bone grafts are usually less painful than autogenous (because they’re less invasive), but it’s also more likely that the patient will reject the bone.

What Affects the Success Rate of a Bone Graft?
There are a few key elements that effect the success rate, including your overall health and the site of the bone graft. In general, you’re more likely to come out on the other side if the graft is in the upper jaw and if you don’t have other medical conditions, such as osteoporosis. The other factor is the expertise of the dental surgeon in Canoga Park, CA. It’s incredibly important to find a professional who has successfully completed bone grafts of every variety.

Oral Surgery in Palmdale, CA
At Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers, with locations in Palmdale, Canoga Park, and Valencia, CA, you can work with a team that specializes in oral surgery. These complex procedures may be recommended for any number of reasons, and it can help to work with a staff that can explain how it all works, so you can make a more confident decision. While there are no risk-free procedures, you can drastically cut back on the odds of rejection or failure when you choose the right practice. Contact us today if you have questions, concerns, or just want a second opinion!

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