Cracked Crown on an Implant? Here’s What to Do 

While the crowns used to finish your dental implant in Valencia, Canoga Park, and Palmdale, CA are designed to last for many years, occasionally, a crown gets damaged. If you spot a crack, chip, or other damage, it is best to speak with a dentist as soon as possible. Knowing how to handle the situation will ensure you get your crown fixed as quickly as possible. Take a look at a few questions patients tend to have regarding a cracked or damaged implant crown.

How did my implant crown get damaged?

Implant crowns can sustain damage in a number of ways, many of which are similar to ways that natural teeth get cracked or damaged. A few common reasons a dental crown can crack, chip, or break include:

  • Biting down hard on a piece of hard candy or ice
  • Accidentally striking the crown with a spoon or fork
  • Sustaining a blow to the mouth or face during an accident

It is also not impossible for crowns to crack due to stress caused by fingernail biting or chewing on objects like ink pens.

What if the crown comes off?

If your crown comes off completely, wash it in water and simply place it in a small container or plastic bag until you get to the dentist. In some cases, the crown can be repaired and replaced, which can save some money on the overall costs of the procedure. Keep in mind, however, that dental crowns with extensive damage may not have the same integrity as a new crown.

Are broken implant crowns considered a dental emergency?

Typically, a cracked or chipped implant crown is not considered a dental emergency. However, if the damaged crown has sharp edges, or you have an implant post protruding through your gums, this could be deemed an emergency situation. The risks of sustaining an oral laceration or damage to your other teeth are higher. Therefore, the situation should be addressed as soon as possible.

Talk to a Valencia, Canoga Park, or Palmdale Dentist About Dental Implant Crown Repairs

While a damaged dental implant crown can be alarming, this issue can be addressed easily by a good Valencia, Canoga Park, or Palmdale, CA dentist. Have issues with your dental implants or crowns? Reach out to the team at Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers to schedule an appointment.

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